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Our Mission!


“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” -O. Fred Donaldson


My mission is to educate children in a loving home environment with a nature play based curriculum. Here, your children will develop their physical, social, linguistic, and cognitive skills at their own pace through self-directed play. I provide lots of outdoor time, nature exploration, and maintain a full classroom with centers arranged to reflect the children's interests. Whatever environment we are in, the children are playing. 

Loose Parts


Whenever I consider purchasing a new toy, I first assess how many ways children can use it. By having open ended materials available, I encourage the kids to use the power of their own creativity to invent props, construct stuctures, create artwork, and guide their own learning adventures.

Young Explorers


I take the children out for regular walks to visit the forest, river, and meadow. Children who spend time learning in natural spaces have improved: social skills, language development, self esteem, motivation and concentration, gross motor (physical) skills, love for and knowledge of the environment. 

Meet your Teacher


I'm a NJ certified teacher who taught in bilingual public preschool programs in both New Brunswick and Trenton before opening up my state licensed home daycare. I am also an advocate for nature play & playschools, professional development consultant, former Brick board of education member, environmentalist, avid reader, and beginner ukulele player. 

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